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"I began seeing Dr. Fan for my symptoms of IBS which I have suffered from for the past 35 years after giving birth to my son. I was desperate to find help and was looking for an alternative method of treatment. After much research to find an integrative physician I found Dr. Fan.

My first acupuncture treatment began in May of 2012 and I went in once a week. I have experienced significant improvement and my quality of life has changed a great deal. I now get treatment once a month.

Thank you Dr. Fan for all your help."



"I began treatments with Dr. Fan in August of 2012. My husband had done research and knew that I needed to go to an acupuncturist along with my traditional treatments. I was experiencing complications from a head injury. I was having extreme problems with anxiety and I was on 6-8 medications a day. I was experiencing physical symptoms from the aniety that included rapid heart rate, stomach problems, insomnia, vertigo and migraine headaches just to name a few. I did believe that Dr. Fan and the acupuncture treatments could hep me. From the first treatment, I experienced a decrease in the headaches. For me the treatments have a calming effect on my mind and body. I am now sleeping much better. I am free from the headaches and the physical symptoms. I used to suffer from seasonal allergies and this Spring I am not taking any allergy medication, I have no symptoms.

I am recovering quickly and getting stronger every day. I do not believe that I would be doing this well without the acupuncture treatments. I am down to 4 medications daily and we are working on eliminating 2 of those. Dr. Fan truly cares and is able to assist in my recovery with the treatments. I am grateful and thankful that I found an additional source that is able to speed my recovery time up. I highly recommend him to anyone that has any kind of physical or mental issue. I believe that he will help the healing process in ways that traditional medicine is unable to."



"Dr. Fan has helped with two bodily ailments I was suffering from. For a long time now, my knees were troubling me. It was hard to walk, and my legs were always in pain. After I sought out Dr. Fan for acupuncture my pain significantly lessened. Also, I suffered from fatigue during the day... i would feel very tired and feel the need to sleep, even if I slept many hours already. After two treatments of acupuncture, I felt mentally and physically much more alert."



"I am an 81 year-old man. This past April I hurt my hip when I tried to pick up a large carpet. My hip was in so much pain that it was even hard to sleep at night. Finally, I found Dr. Fan who gave me acupuncture treatments every few days for about half a month. After his treatments I did not feel pain anymore."



When I first met Dr. Fan, some 10-11 months ago, I had been diagnosed with "failure to thrive"—after seeing over 20 doctors--MDs, NDs, and functional medicine specialists from numerous medical fields--due to severe gastrointestinal disorders brought on by gallbladder removal surgery and a serious bacterial infection. I was dismissed by several doctors who stated that I was "abnormally abnormal" in my body's reaction to treatment, and that I was "beyond their skill set" to treat. One doctor told me that he treats "regular" problems in people whose bodies react in "normal ways." Mine doesn't, the doctor said, so he didn't know what to do with me! Needless to say, I was distraught, almost hopeless. It was obvious to me that just naturopathic medicine or just western medicine was not working for me, so I began to seek out integrative medical doctors. And, that is how I found Dr. Fan.

From my first treatment with him, I began to feel better. He uses a combination of western medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine with me along with meditation and Tai Chi to help calm my body. Along with acupuncture sessions, he also suggests Chinese herbs and foods to complement the other treatments. He is kind, calm, incredibly patient, and demonstrates genuine concern for all of his patients—something that seemed rather new to me, after waiting hours in reception rooms only to be rushed in-and-out of other doctors' offices within 5-10 minutes—usually with a list of prescriptions or orders for further testing. Dr. Fan understands that some conditions still require traditional medications, but with others—such as I am suffering with, they cannot be explained by Western Medicine alone, but can be explained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He understands that for a patient to get well, he needs to treat the "whole body" and not just the problematic organ.

Although I am not "cured" of all of my medical challenges yet, the quality of my life is far superior now than it was when I first went to Dr. Fan. I am stronger, happier, healthier, and feel hopeful now. I attribute this to the wonderful integrative-approach and personalized care I have received from Dr. Fan.

Maggie Allen, Ph.D.


If you are considering acupuncture for the first time or are just looking for a new acupuncturist, I highly recommend Dr. Fan. In order for a treatment to be successful, a doctor must not only master the technique, but also have a strong understanding of the body’s reaction minutes after the treatment as well as hours/ days after – this Dr. Fan exemplifies at each visit. Additionally, Dr. Fan also practices as an internal doctor here in Houston – he therefore has a strong understanding of Western medicine and will not in danger your life. I came to Dr. Fan two years ago after a hospital stay in the hopes he could help me treat my colitis. Together, we have been able to reduce my symptoms, alleviate my pain, and give me back my joy of life! Without acupuncture, I would not be active and would be taking heavy medications with major side effects – If Western medicine has not done you right by your symptoms, come see Dr. Fan as soon as possible!



My husband who is 80 years old and suffering from COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, GERD, and cancer has been seeing Dr. Fan monthly for the past few years. 

Dr. Fan's Integrative Medicine approach has helped him with his breathing, acid reflux, increased his stamina and has given him overall immune support. 



I took both of my parents to see Dr. Fan for acupuncture treatments. My Mom had severe feet pain when she walked for about a year. She went to see podiatrist for the pain, and the specialist told my Mom that she needed surgery in order for her to be pain free. My Mom decided not to get the surgery, so she went to see Dr. Fan for an alternative treatment. After 6 to 7 acupuncture treatments, my Mom is no longer experiencing pain in her feet. Today, my Mom is still pain free and extremely grateful that Dr. Fan was able to cure her feet without any surgery. As for my Dad, he had burning sensation in his chest area and above the stomach for several years. We took him to see several GI doctors, but they couldn’t help him. After receiving several months of acupuncture treatments from Dr. Fan, my father’s problem has dramatically improved. Thank you very much Dr. Fan for giving back my parents health.